Who We are & What We Do

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Vision & Mission

Our mission is to unleash the potential of every company we work with, regardless of the complexity of their data and processes

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Analysis & Digitization

As a leading provider of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning services, we assist businesses in digitizing and analyzing scanned documents.

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Your business processes & workflows can be optimized when the AI’s capabilities are incorporated into your enterprise software.

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Through our work, we continuously strive to find new ways for digital automation to help people and companies solve data and processing challenges.


As a company, we are dedicated to helping your business grow and succeed. Our solutions give you back time — allowing you to focus on your data, operations, and team members so you can achieve your strategic goals.

"At Cardamons, we help you access and organize information that is locked away in your documents, so you can gain insights that will benefit your organization. We provide innovative process automation solutions for companies of all sizes. We believe in transforming the way people work and businesses grow through digital process automation that drives data accuracy and reduces manual data entry."

Lucian Moldovan
CEO, Cardamons

Our Team is Proud of These KPIs

Organizations handle millions of documents every year — and spend countless hours processing, analyzing and storing them. Cardamons helps organizations efficiently manage this data.

Major financial institutions, healthcare providers and manufacturers rely on Cardamons document processing services to save them valuable time and money by simplifying and automating data extraction and management. In addition, organizations of all sizes-from start-ups to large multinationals-have successfully expanded their engineering capabilities by partnering with Cardamons Team-as-a-Service to leverage experienced cloud, artificial intelligence and machine learning expertise.

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Customer Stories

“Cardamons did an amazing job deploying Digitize for our company. We now have critical information in handwritten documents available in an easily searchable format. That is a massive win and saves us a LOT of money. … I would work with them again any day.” 

Maddy Srikanth
Sr Manager R&D, Product Dev & Engineering
TE Connectivity


Ready to Save Time & Money?

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