Why & how we’re doing it

With more data available, we help enterprises gain insights into their data and make the best decisions for success.

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About Cardamons

Through our mission, we aim to facilitate the worldwide transition to more productive and effective working environments. With Cardamons, our customers can bring new ideas to market faster with proven AI solutions.

Cardamons powers enterprises with digital process automation to help reduce manual data entry and accelerate data extraction. Our mission is to revolutionize both people's working lives and how companies grow their business by providing a process automation solution that fuels intelligent decision-making. Utilizing our AI solutions to learn from your data, Digitize makes it accessible in a queryable format, exposing critical information so you gain actionable insights and value from it.

How We Started


Cardamons Founded

Founded in 2017, Cardamons was created by a group of venture capitalists who recognized the difficulty in finding an offshore development company that could be easily scalable for customers. An important element of our company's unique process is the "ownership transfer" option, which gives organizations the choice of converting skilled contract developers into full-time employees as their business grows. As a result, we have developed the concept of "Team-as-a-Service."

Our in-house development teams are also specialized in the accelerated field of AI, collaborating with IBM to support AI Cloud engagements for some of the largest banks, financial institutions, healthcare providers, and manufacturing companies.

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Digitize intelligent document processing (IDP) launched

In 2022, we launched our Digitize Intelligent Document Processing solution to lead companies through the digital transformation process. By automating document processing, our platform reduces labor-intensive manual data entry and increases data accuracy and accessibility.

We are a Team of Digital Automation Enthusiasts

At Cardamons, we are IT services and consulting experts who focus on integrating Digitize seamlessly into your business operations in order to manage tasks, expectations, and talent - so you can make better decisions for your company.

Our project managers keep you informed at every stage of the process to ensure you receive high-quality work. Our team is passionate about innovation and customer care as we provide the latest in document processing services.

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Meet the people behind the products

With a team that consists of skilled innovators with a wide range of backgrounds and training, we bring a fresh perspective to every project we undertake, taking it to the next level.

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Ready to Save Time & Money?

Empower your business through intelligent document processing (IDP).