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Cardamons has successfully provided technical expertise on cloud, artificial intelligence, and machine learning applications to both start-ups and large companies.

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As a leading provider of artificial intelligence (AI) applications in a wide range of business processes across multiple industries, Cardamons provides document workflow automation solutions either on-premises or in the cloud.

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A successful logistics operation involves time-consuming, repetitive, and highly-accurate data entry, as well as high levels of attention to detail and accuracy. The use of powerful artificial intelligence data extraction solutions can, however, automate the shipping process, as well as unlock many other documents such as shop floor documents or material PDFs.

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Financial Services

Saving time and money while extracting large volumes of financial data from multiple unstructured sources is the goal of automation in financial services. The information contained in loan applications, contracts, and handwritten documents can provide valuable insights. You can unlock PDFs, scanned documents, photos, and many other formats quickly and easily.

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Retail and eCommerce

Successful extraction of data from product pages and purchase order automation can be used to increase conversion rates. In addition to simplifying data extraction, document workflow automation will also improve customer service and product research, allowing brands to focus more on brand growth.

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With banking document automation, you can extract data from scanned and non-scanned images as well as PDF files and images. With intelligent document processing, documents such as bank statements, tax documents, invoices, loans, and mortgages can be processed efficiently and scanned with 99% accuracy.

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The healthcare ecosystem relies heavily on electronic documents. The digitization of handwritten forms, patient records, prescriptions, and scanned documents simplifies medical record management. Without spending days on manual work, healthcare automation identifies and indexes patient data quickly.

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Through robotic process automation, insurance companies can instantly match incoming claims with policyholder profiles. Fraud detection can be expedited, and payment can be sped up by reducing the number of unnecessary manual steps. With document automation for insurance, insurers can leverage policy-level information from digital files to manage risk more efficiently.

What our Clients Think of Us.

As a company, we are passionate about meeting and exceeding the expectations of every client we work with. Being able to establish excellent partnerships with our clients has been a great privilege for our company. Take a look at what they have to say about us.

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TE Connectivity provides advanced connectivity and sensors solutions to help solve tomorrow’s toughest challenges. The company’s Medical Business Unit focuses on interventional devices which include catheter delivery systems for heart patients.

TE Connectivity’s Sr. Engineering Manager, Maddy Srikanth, approached Cardamons with an urgent need. Their R&D team’s valuable research data consisted of paper documentation with hand-written notes. Transcribing these documents was a slow, manual process. They wanted Digitize to automate the process so they could capture more complete information and gain access to it more quickly.

Cardamons was able to increase data accuracy to 95% and found the speed of data extraction to be exponentially faster than their previous manual process. Maddy was pleased with the results, praising Cardamons’ work ethic and on-time delivery, “On-time delivery is extremely critical for our medical business unit, and we were able to achieve that seamlessly.”

Mighty Doodle’s mission is to empower young learners with the basic reading and writing skills needed to close the literacy gap. They do this with evidence-based curriculum, leveraging innovative technology and artificial intelligence (AI) to replicate pedagogical processes on a scalable device—allowing Mighty Doodle to reach and teach ALL emerging readers.

Mighty Doodle Founder and CEO Deb Mallin is an experienced educator, but she realized that hiring and managing a technical development team was not in her wheelhouse. That’s where Cardamons comes in. Mighty Doodle leveraged Cardamons Team-as-a-Service function to identify and engage a top-flight team of developers who could deliver on Deb’s educational vision—speeding time to market while reducing staffing costs.

Deb credits TaaS with putting the right developers in the right seats and providing stellar oversight and responsive service. She adds, “Every element of our product development process eventually impacts each and every child we serve. Cardamons understands this, and we continue to trust them to provide us with the very best People, Process, and Product.”

ConnectAmerica’s AI-enabled connective care platform helps health plans and providers monitor, measure, and manage people’s health in their homes to improve access to care, boost outcomes, and lower costs. However, supporting home-based healthcare brings a set of unique challenges —inconsistent billing and authorization documentation as a result of information not being processed through one system. ConnectAmerica’s Manager of Healthcare Billing Prebilling Authorizations, Mary Graves, was looking for a way to automate the billing process to reduce both labor costs and turnaround time. Cardamons stepped in with Digitize Intelligent Document Processing to extract the necessary data and create consistency in the billing process — which, in turn, has increased the speed in which the company receives payment, thereby improving cash flow.


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